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Services we offer at Ben's Auto & RV

At Ben's Auto & RV we offer a multitude of services

RV's, trailers & equipment on consignement

We have a big commercial lot on a very busy street for full visibility!

Hauling & Shipping

We can pick up your vehicle, trailer and bring it to our lot or deliver your new purchase to your parking lot no problem

Small engine & auto repair

We can fix pretty much any thing you need fixed. Call for an appointment with Ben.

Who we are &
What we do

We sell used equipment, travel trailers, RVs, ect.. on consignment!
We have been selling equipment and camper trailers for the last 10 years.
We are on a commercial lot in Limoges Ontario that can handle a large fleet.
You need hauling services to bring your trailer or RV on our lot, we can come pick it up for you. No worries !
We take care of the listings, customers wanting to see or buy.
Even those annoying phone calls.
Businesses are more than welcome

On consignement
for you

Trust us on putting your rv, trailer or any equipment on our commercial lot and we take care of showing it to potential customers for you.

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What are you looking for ?

If you are looking into purchasing a vehicle of any kind, we can help. See our listings and if we don't have it on display, doesn't mean we can't have it.


Cars available


Trucks available


RVs & Trailers available

Why do business with Ben's Auto?

Ben has a passion for everything that you can drive. Either doing mecanic work, body work or selling and showing cars to his customers. He thrives being close to vehicles all around.

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